When a female gets so into her masturbation, she falls off her bed, and lands on her mint - condition Rico Suave shrine.
" Last night my mom came in as I was causing The Earthquake. "
by Jackie && Shelly June 24, 2006
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1: the release of seismic energy from the friction between moving plates in the earth's crust.
2: natural selection for Californians.
These damned Californians are getting too numerous... time for another earthquake!
by seismixxx May 8, 2003
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When everyone has a mini seizer at once.

Teacher: shove yourself under your 2 by 2 desk
by kickrocks August 16, 2020
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a natural phenomenon which is no longer a phenomenon for the people of Japan.
Japan seems to suffer earthquakes as often as Florida gets ripped apart by hurricanes.
by KRHimself March 21, 2005
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When you're having sex and your partner has a seizure.
OMG Jimmy totally earthquaked me last night, it was AWESOME.
by Shade696969 April 2, 2009
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A prank in which someone shoves a boy or man who is urinating into a urinal, yelling 'Earthquake!'
He gave us an earthquake when we were peeing in the urinal.
by Yarince May 9, 2008
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What happens when a fat person walks.
That fat bitch Jenny just earthquaked the entire building.
by Shapadapadoopapoopalis October 11, 2018
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