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A good idea, but somewhat naive and inefficient. Like marriage and Communism, it looks good on paper but often fails in practice.

Formed shortly after the second World War, the idea was to bring representatives of numerous nations together in hope of discussing and peacefully solving whatever conflicts or disputes arose. They have done good in areas of Africa for example, but on the large scale it just doesn't work. Each nation is far too preoccupied with self interest to prevent any large treaties or organizations from being set up or enforced. Perhaps the most visible example of failure would be the recent Iraqi crisis.
Some think that if they had stronger centralized authority then things could improve, but it's hard to know.
by JF May 13, 2004

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When a male is getting oral, he makes the woman deepthroat him. As he orgasms it comes out of her nose
The dragon causes sinus problems
by JF October 03, 2003

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(v) The act of standing near someone while you think about sexin' them up.
Me and her had wild thought sex last night, damn I was tired after!
by JF January 28, 2005

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1) Abbreviation for DT Penis
2) Airport code for Detroit-Pontiac (DTP Air)
Come fly the friendly skies with DTP Air.
by JF January 21, 2004

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