5 definitions by bboy shyne

John: WTF is this Uraban Dictionary shit I've been hearing about lately?

Jane: Whaaaat?! You don't know about UD?? Come on homie get wit it!
by bboy shyne June 2, 2011
Tom: Look at that breezy over there she's eyeballing the shit outta you.
Hank: Who? That fugly bitch?! I'm straight.
by bboy shyne June 2, 2011
Sagsticles is when you have some saggy ass balls beyond normal state. If your balls almost touch your knees while standing up straight.

sagsticles derives from the words saggy+testicles
Boxer briefs help prevent men from getting sagsticles, but then again with sagsticles it's easier to teabag a breezy
by bboy shyne June 2, 2011
An individuals swag while sagging their pants/shorts/sweats etc.
Larry Platt: You lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground..

Bboy Shyne: Nah big dowg, I just have sag swag!! Get wit it.
by bboy shyne June 2, 2011
Damn homie that girl was fine... until I walked up to her and she unleashed the dragon!
by bboy shyne June 2, 2011