a nice, stable, flat surface used for sex
Let's use the desk this time!!
by Anonymous December 30, 2003
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Performance of the sexual act on a desk, generally in a corporate office environment. Possibly an attempt by a junior member of staff to enhance career prospects. Often results from a mid-life crisis on the part of more senior management. Note - likely to end in career termination if caught.
Jim : That Elena in the office over there looks a dirty little minx.

Dan : Yeah .... she needs a good desking.
by KnifeVictim January 31, 2009
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When a man gets an erection then rubs it with the underside of a desk
Matthew enjoys extreme desking in science class
by The Horse January 4, 2005
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A challenging game involving commonly used stationery, cutlery, crockery, point-of-sale material, or anything else found on or around desks. Extreme desk can involve items found elsewhere in the office, which allow you to carry out a desk based move.
by DeskIt July 28, 2011
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When a man gets an erection then rubs it on the lower side of a desk then when it's gets soft he pushes the TOP of the penis down on the desk until he produces an orgasm
Hey have you heard about jake he was desking in class and then he kept moaning Yes when he produced the orgasm
by Killemanjaro April 2, 2017
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Office furniture with a series of storage compartments (drawers) under a large flat surface that is covered with papery things, phones, computer monitors, etc, to hide tell-tale signs of super-mensal copulation.
Confucius say: Secretary not part of office furniture, unless screwed on desk
by idunnit November 5, 2004
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