The Cookout was an alliance formed between the six Black players in the Big Brother 23 house. Though the group formed initially with the intention of looking out for each other in the game, at one point it coalesced into ideally making the final six together. And the group ultimately succeeded at doing that on Day 65.

Usually, only one or two Black houseguests are in a season, and they are usually picked off early and don’t make it to jury. Aside from that, for years, previous Black players have been at the receiving end of microaggressions and outright racism in the house — until now. Season 23, was also the first in the show’s 20-year history that a white male player did not make it to the jury that decides the winner of the show.
There are not a lot of Black people at this school, so we need to need to look out for each other to make sure that we all succeed. We will call ourselves, "The Cookout."
by IvyCruz October 7, 2021
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Bar-B-Que, used mainly in the south
ya'll come on over for the cookout Sunday. Bring the grits!
by alphahooker November 23, 2004
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slang for oral sex whether heterosexual or homosexual.
Do you like cookouts? Then let me put my meat on your grill.
by MonCor September 20, 2006
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the act of 'dildoing' a girl with a frozen hotdog with speed and vigor untill it is cooked at 98F* or hotter(due to friction and body heat) and then slaming it way up inside her. she then squeezes it out inch by inch as you eat it from her vag.
Pat brought a whole new meaning to,"eating a girl out" as he consumed the last few bites of the cookout treat!
by patrick hud October 1, 2007
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A group of 5 or more people partying for more than 24 hours.

Generally consisting of mainly males, possibly 1 to 2 females hanging in a friend's garage or a backyard, perched on some filthy couches chain smoking durries talking about how good the night was without actually being able to remember what happened.

Definitely on drugs.
"how was the cookout on the weekend mate?"

"dude it was awesome, ate so many burgers I couldn't even move for 12hours!"

"yeah I saw you gurning on the couch chewing that blokes ear off for awhile"
by Squizzey May 28, 2018
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When 2 or more soldiers get 1 grenade for each of them, then they all stand in a circle and pull the pin on the grenade, the last person to throw it away before it explodes is crowned the winner, this is also known as “American poker ” as there is a high chance of death while playing
Soldier 1: Hey harry, did you here who won the game of cookout last Thursday?
Soldier 2: nah, but I can only guess it was the new recruit Jameson because I heard a massive bang from his tent when the game was happening, and I haven’t seen him all week
by Läuri Allan Törni October 2, 2021
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The act of finding an unlocked car for the purpose of smoking marijuana inside with a group of people. No force is used in the entry of the vehicle and no items are removed from the vehicle as well. This causes smokers to experience heightened levels of intoxication due to the level of adrenaline excreted due to stress from actually baking out a stranger's car.
Hey, Mike, this car is unlocked! You have that blunt? Let's do a Cleveland Cookout inside before they get back!
by cdant12 August 23, 2015
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