A slang term used to describe a sports gambler who failed at becoming a professional sports gambler.

A person who did not maker it usually think gambling is easy. The person usually have bad money management skill, follows a system, bet with intuition, bet into bad lines, doesn't understand the concept that anything can happens in a sports game, and/or lost ambition to become a professional gambler.

The term is originally introduced by a Canadian poster, fiveteamer, who also made a list of sports gambler that did not make it on an online sports gambling forum.
Pat just lost his entire bankroll at a chalk parlay, he did not make it.

Pico decided to quit gambling, he did not make it.
by picoman March 31, 2009
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Person: "Why did I make this"

Mysterious Person: "Because I created you so have no choice to make something even though nothing was made you small, idiotic fool."
by FelledJudge January 10, 2022
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He used his newly-invented sewing machine (duh!).
In a historic mid-1800's sewing-speed contest, Elias Howe was able to sew 250 stitches per minute on his mechanical wonder, as opposed to a mere thirty stitches that a group of professional seamstresses were able to make in that same allotment of time. I imagine that said fleet-fingered ladies exchanged astonished gawking stares and asked each other, "HOWE did he make stitches so fast???"
by QuacksO April 5, 2019
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The most iconic line from omni man
Why did you make me do this you're fighting so you can watch everyone around you die! Think, Mark! You'll outlast every fragile, insignificant being on this planet.
by toiletlord May 18, 2023
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