A cycle in which one smokes a cigarette and then lights up another as soon as the first one is finished. The only limit is how many cigarettes you have on hand.
You can usually find me chain smoking when I'm utterly stoned or drunk (or both), terribly bored, or just in that mood to smoke.
by friend of bob June 15, 2004
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Not a wise thing to do, even if you are an excessive smoker. Usually results in one feeling nauseous, leading to violent vomiting, light-headedness and a general emotion of feeling like shit.
Not recommended but fair play to anyone who can get pass ten, especially if they're smoking Soveign's...
by gonorrhea July 12, 2005
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sniffing the gas coming out of a burning metallic chain,
usually will make the person aroused.
i was chain smoking my girlfriends necklace, then i chain masturbated.
by shao May 7, 2007
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To puff on cigarettes one after another without taking a break in between - Usually achieved by lighting a new cigarette with the old one.
I was nervous after the car accident so I chain-smoked in my friends car all the way home.
by Bomni February 9, 2005
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A genuinely nice, attractive male, who smokes a lot and is falsely accused of kidnapping his son, whom he loves very much.
by bugmom May 9, 2013
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