stop what your doing and leave;to disconect; farming orign to remove the pin conecting tractor to the draw bar of the farming equipment being used
at the end of a long day of work at the factory, John said to a coworker that he was ready to pull the pin
by yellowbeater February 1, 2008
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get out of there, save yourself, escape

The Australian Surf Lifesaving movement used to rescue people by donning a belt attached to a line. The beltman would swim out to the person they were rescuing while the team on the beach would feed the Line out as they swam.

The Belt had a Pin at the front that could be pulled to quickly release the Belt from the Beltman. If the Beltman was in difficulties they'd 'pull the pin' to get free.

It's a common term used by Australian Surf Life Savers to describe a decision to get out of a bad situation.
The party was bad so decided to I'd 'pull the pin' and left
by bjuber February 24, 2010
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Get out of here,like this is the end,
likening to pulling a pin out of a grenade-the end let's all leave !
I went to Jed's party but I had to pull the pin at eleven o'clock because I started work early the next day.

This party sucks lets pull the pin!
by MADANGEL August 8, 2005
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lose your temper or start to yell because someone pissed you off!
Supervisor Dave had to pull the pin after he found one of his workers screwing off instead of working.
by Joe Henne April 4, 2007
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Pull the pin: the removal of tampon after use.
She pull the pin and tossed in into the garbage before replacing with a new one.
by GINgerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr February 9, 2017
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Railroad expression for uncoupling rail cars from one another. To lift or "pull" the actual pin used to lock the coupler knuckle of one rail car to another. This is done by pulling on a long round "bar" connected to the actual "pin" and can be done in the comparative safety of the area outside the rail cars being uncoupled. Early railroaders had to do this while in between the two cars being uncoupled.
Go and pull the pin between the two ACFX reefers. The hind one will be spotted at door 3
by TR8 January 30, 2011
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To smoke an illegal or controlled substance out of a hollowed out frag grenade using a mesh bowl inserted in the top, and a plastic or rubber tube protruding from a hole drilled in the bottom.
Andy: Hey man have you seen Spence?

Nance: No broski, he's in jail.

Andy: Why man?

Nance: He was caught pulling the pin!
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