The food combination of a whip cream sandwiched between two crispy Pringle chips.
Hey Zach wanna go to Walgreens to get stuff to make The Colbert.
by Artemus, Ren March 31, 2010
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A sex position in which Stephen Colbert has sex with your wife, mother, sister, and/or daughter. And you watch and he teaches you how to be the most manly man, in bed, of all time.
When I got married I did The Colbert.

I did The Colbert last night!

Teenagers are obsessed with The Colbert.
by Jedidiah States April 12, 2008
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The Law of Colbertity states that Steven Colbert is so awesome that if he were to become less awesome, he would only become more awesome, and if he were to become more awesome he would become less awesome. This is caused by the fact that Colbert is the highest point of awesome, there is no match to his level of "Awesomeness" and there is no exceeding his level due to the limitations of the English word "Awesome." If he were to become less awesome the peak of awesomeness would lower with Colbert.
The man who reached colbertity exploded because Stevens Colbertity was much strong than the man's.
by Chupe December 14, 2008
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Colberting is the act of posting a number of high-resolution images in a thread on an web forum in an attempt to make it difficult for other forum members to read, thereby either slowing or stoping the conversation occuring within it. In practice, pictures of Stephen Colbert are often used as the requisite high-resolution images, but any high-resolution images will do.
I wanted to read Kelly's tribute thread, but it looks like Mikey has been busy Colberting it, and when I opened it my browser crashed.
by wholesomedick October 16, 2006
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Someone who has been nailed in Stephen Colbert's satirical style(From the Colbert Report). Like the way the right wingers get nailed by him all the time.
Chris : I like him, he agrees with me that women should stay in the kitchen.

John : No dude, he just colbertized you.
by Chris0108 October 11, 2006
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Stephen Colbert, host of the Colbert report. The sexiest comedian on television, not to mention his amazing chemistry with Jon Stewart. In addition, Colbert is also a great dancer, can flip to his desk, and obviously, is very handsome.
I watch the Colbert report to see the beautiful,sexy Stephen Colbert.
by natalie m January 19, 2007
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To hold a politician accountable, face to face.

Originally from the French "Colberiser: Régler face à face, ses comptes avec un politicien." (
Donald Rumsfeld was colberted when Ray McGovern confronted him with documented evidence of Rumsfeld saying things he had just denied saying.
by --none-- May 5, 2006
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