Nobody knows when, or how, but one day, that cheese mysteriously appeared on the blacktop.
Nobody knew who it belonged to.
Nobody touched it.
Nobody threw it away.
And so there it sat, growing more foul and powerful by the day.
Then one day, a kid named Darren Walsh made the biggest mistake of his life.
Darren touched the cheese!
Darren had the cheese touch!
Greg has The Cheese Touch
by Stetard March 23, 2020
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is it a sexually transmitted disease? no. does it involve getting flashed by a middle aged man in an alley? no. is it the equivalent to going down on a hooker? not quite. but fuck man, it is still disgusting and trust me, you never want to find yourself suffering from the cheese touch.
by ihatesnakes January 29, 2019
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STOPP!! good god man. you almost got the cheese touch

“the what?” the cheese touch, nobody knows when, or how but one day that cheese mysteriously appears on the blacktop. nobody knew who it belonged to, nobody touched it, nobody threw it away and so there it sat growing more foul and powerful by the day!!! then one day, a kid named darren walsh made the biggest mistake of his life!!!! “DARREN TOUCHED THE CHEESE” “what, no i didn’t! i just looked at it! really!” Darren had the cheese touch. it was worse than nuclear cooties.
by user.the.cheese.touch April 2, 2022
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when someone touches a rotten moldy cheese, and is therefore contaminated forever by it.
"Look how ugly Donovan is. He must have gotten Cheese touch."

"Cheese Touch sure did get the best of Rosie O' Donnel. Yuck"
by RaspyRory January 19, 2009
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A general term for STI's among millennial and genz's derived from the ancient diary of a wimpy kid texts by Jeff Kinney.
Person 1: "Yo Maeve's kinda bangning"
Person: "slow down you cocky cocker doodle, didn't you hear... she's got the cheese touch"
by Megladonrider August 18, 2020
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When you come in contact with someone who has irritable bowl syndrome
by cheese cheese April 16, 2022
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The cheese touch is when one touches cheese 🧀🤏🏻😼🧵👵🌾
Omg ! Cacia just touched the cheese 😱 😳 she has the cheese touch !! 🧀🤏🏻😼🧵👵🌾
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