similar to "you aint got no dough" or you dont have any money
"Ill pay, dont even worry about it"
"bruh you know you aint got no cheese"
by kinkykax March 14, 2018
A phrase uttered in the drive thru at a fast food restaurant in regards to whether or not one should pay the extra money for cheese on their burger. Usually happens on a first "date", but not exclusive to thus. Also virtually guarantees no second date.
man in drive thru: "We'll have two hamburgers, two small fries, and two medium diet cokes"

drive thru cashier: "would you like to make those cheeseburgers for another 15 cents?"

man in drive thru: "I've got cheese at home"
by Area Man June 16, 2011
To be busy, to have no free hands. Originates from having cheeses on one's fingers from eating cheese poofs.
"It's time to go!"
"Wait a sec, I've got one hand in cheese."
by Alex Proctor September 27, 2006
When you got the cheese and use it to make sandwhiches in The Legend Of Zelda.
The original creator of the legacy can be found here on Wagintrowl youtube channel
Zelda: Link, You got the cheese
Link: Hyah
by L_Strongo November 1, 2017
You won an argument, so you say “got the cheese” it is kinda like “in your face” but not…
easy dub done clapped got the cheese”
by aveerinablake January 27, 2022