People born from 1997 to 2012
GenZ means generation Z
Person:you know your a GenZ
Nobody: what’s that
Person: short for generation Zsomeone born from1997 to2012
by I’mthattwin September 14, 2020
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GenZ is a kind of a brand of a boba tea. Many people like to drink this boba tea. Me too-LOL
I like to go to the GenZ shop, the boba tea is refreshing surrounding with cute bears
by Boba Lover November 3, 2020
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white twinks and cishet girls on tt stop calling aave slang and using it wrong 🥰
genz slang is NOT aave
by factsaboutgenz March 7, 2021
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She is the hoe Out of the hoes. She loves to Hurt her students. When you are a Genz PLZ die. PLZ.
Genz you hoe
by whynoti May 4, 2020
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A Gen Zr that is hating because they are broke and can’t afford millennial fashion or things in general because it was not gifted, handed down or taken by entitlement or just not fair; Cheugy-GenZ
A “Cheugy-GenZ” is hating on a “Cheugy”, because of jealousy, so they make up a word out of laziness to encompass a generation, to use as little effort as humanly possible.
by @beinghonest April 30, 2021
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Lame, yet smart. We want things handed to us, tho we have potential.

Half hate dark jokes, half don't care. I'm the latter.

The white ppl have found that in order to cash in on the oppression lottery, they can become LGBT.

The softest generation on Earth.

Most will probably die from lung disease bc they smoke weed & electric cigarettes. Stupid idiot ppl will end up like that old lady on that commercial with the hole in her throat. Cuntbag dumbos. I'm gonna laugh too.
GenZ is ok.
Yeah it's ok.
by Blackjoy May 11, 2021
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A generation or great humor and dumb ideas.
Bobert: Bro you GenZ
Them: it’s not bro it’s actually they/them/it, also you forgot the trigger warning for “you”
Bobert: ok…
by Aplesaregood November 19, 2021
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