The most amazing girl you will ever meet. I can’t even think of words Extraordinary enough to describe her but I bet she could come up with any word ever written down.. it’s amazing how smart she is, but she is so modest and humble. She is always there for you even if she has to stop everything she is doing to help you. And she is gorgeous, not only is she the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen inside and out, she also has the most beautiful voice, she sings like a professional even though she has never had lessons. She is so determined. You’d think she is perfect but she doesn’t think so. She beats herself up whenever she messes up in the slightest. She is a really happy person most of the time, but tests give her anxiety and she always needs her friends support when she is feeling down. She is kind to everyone. She will become a friend to anyone in need without question... and that isn’t exaggerating. Reach out to her, show her that she is loved, because you know she would do the same for you.
You: There’s no way imma be able to do this.
Maeve: *clears throat* *pulls out long scroll labeled inspirational speeches* Read child.
by Rose Petal V May 5, 2019
A funny, nice girl who always includes at you. At first she may seem shy, but once you get to know her she’s wonderful! Her smile is radiant and she knows how to make the best out of bad situations. A friend that will never pick sides and always tries to see the good in people! Though she is beautiful, she finds herself lost when looking in the mirror. Maeve’s are always positive people and love to make everyone smile. They are good in school, but are sometimes awkward in social situations. They have close friend circles and stick by people they trust. Earning their trust is easy but regaining it is very difficult! They also give great hugs.
“yo, did you talk to maeve yesterday?”
nah dawg, why?”
“she was making everyone smile at the party!”
by Pamillionaire February 9, 2019
maeve is one the most sensitive people you will ever meet. She will always see the other side of the argument and you can count on her for anything. One of the sweetest and wisest people you ever meet. She understands people like no one else and will always like you for who you are.
Friend : maeve,,, I need help...

Maeve : aww what is it??? Tell me, I'll help in any way I can.
by marsbar3099 July 5, 2013
A sweet, lovely girl. Can be a bit annoying at times, but once she's your friend, she'll stand up for you everywhere. One of those people who hugs you when they see you crying. Just wants to play.
"V, why are you crying? Oh it doesn't matter..." *hugs*
"Thanks Maeve"
by proudsistergirl December 19, 2012
maeve is an artistic, creative, beautiful girl. gets what she wants. every guy loves her. she has tons of friends and adores music. she suceeds at everything she does and is extremly talented.
guy 1: ugh i hate jack
guy 2: why? he's so cool
guy 1: cuz he gets to date maeve and i don't
by urbangurlie February 12, 2012
To become so drunk that you can't remember where you are, what your name is, or where you live.
Oh, she was totally Maeved, she couldn't make it out!
by jerry233 June 8, 2011
The hottest fuking girl u will ever meet. so funny, nice, cute, trustworthy and honest.
Man1: Hey, what do u think her name is.
Man2: I bet its Maeve bc she hotttt!
Man1: OH shit u right!
by LOLHAMISHXD March 11, 2018