the act of picking up a female (either a piggy back or fireman's lift) and running somewhere to have sex, grunting and swinging a club or beer bottle while you do it.
Yeah, I'm gonna caveman her over to the bushes behind the car park and smash that pasty
by jmz_901 July 04, 2011
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(In reference to a sexual act) When you are having sex in a doggy position and grab a hand full of hair to arouse your partner and declare dominance. Then immediately push your hand forward to force your partners head into the bed and begin furiously banging away like a caveman. Grunting is acceptable during this act, as it further supports your dominance.
"Dude, last night Nathan totally cavemaned that swamp donkey!"

"Alicea thought she could control me, but i flipped that shit around and pulled a caveman on that hoe."

"I'm feeling all primal and shit, time to caveman some strange."
by psuedo_god January 30, 2008
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the way you walk when you are so fucked up that you can't even stand up straight, when there is no more liquor left but you're too fired up to pass out. often results in embarking on a journey to find hoes or burn shit
"Dave, you're not gonna get laid if you keep cavemanning. Stand the fuck up."

"I was so fucked up last night that I was cavemanning around Chiles Base looking for hoes."

Rob: Brendan, why is there a huge hole in the quote board?
Brendan: Dave took my lighter and went cavemanning
by shpawk December 05, 2009
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An unruly savage bitch who everyone fucking hates; usually travel in packs and normally have no friends. Male Cavemen tend to eat in disgustingly large amounts while the female Cavemen are usually sluts and are unbeknown to the fact that they are extremely disliked
Joe : Do you see that girl over there trying to fit in with the cheerleaders?

Evan : Yeah, dude. I can't believe she doesn't know everyone calls her a caveman
by Killa Mix Masta April 23, 2009
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When you see a chick so incredibly hot that you have the Neanderthal urge to hit her hard over the head, drag her away and make naughty caveman sex.
Guy1: Oh man look at that chick!
Guy2: Holy shit, I would caveman the fuck out of her...
Guy1: Hell ya!
by Pokemonliveinmybutt July 03, 2009
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Taliban muslim living in caves, both physically and figuratively.
I like that we are bombing those cavemen terrorist scumbags.


These cavemen are so backwards, they want to punish you for shaving!
by steaks December 15, 2003
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