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When a girl is blowing a guy with a big cock, and the guy pulls away and swings his prized manhood back and forth while whipping his chick across her head with his big erect a caveman does to his woman when he hits her across her head with his big club.

To caveman a bitch is to club her with your huge cock.
I pulled a caveman on my bitch last night with my big cock.

The chick saw stars all night long after I did the caveman on her.

Wayne's big cock left Amanda dazzled after he worked his caveman magic on her.
by king_muscat April 20, 2010
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1. (noun) An abbreviation for stimulus check

2. (verb; stimmied) to get fucked by your government
Me and my homies are going to use our stimmys on guillotines and oreos. Too bad we can’t afford the milk
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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A man with an uncircumcised penis.

The penis, while soft, is hidden by the foreskin and therefore in its "cave"
"Did you hear about Thomas?"
"No what is it?"
"He's uncircumcised, total caveman"
by Dikinbut45 December 03, 2017
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1. Pertaining to anything with a low intelect, savage, and/or brutish quality.

2. To act out in a low intelect, savage, and/or brutish manner.
After being pushed in an argument, Fred went caveman on his opponent.
by 1Spectre4U October 21, 2003
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To walk up to a friend's house unannounced and just knock on their door. It's the way the cave men did it before phones.
Hey man, let's go cave man John's place.
(knock knock)
(door opens)
Friend: it's fuckin 2 am. go home!
by Jimmy Hecker February 23, 2008
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A male that spends the majority of there time in their man cave.
"Hey Joel, why don't you get out of your Man Cave and make something of your life! Wow he is such a cave man
by Sam Adamolsky April 19, 2010
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To hastily perform, often under orders, a complicated (but misunderstood as simple) task, yielding shoddy results.
How did your paper turn out?" "Well I caveman-ed it, how do you think it turned out?
by Amoebatuba December 12, 2010
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