Coward. Someone who caves easily to cyber attacks, threats, and other forms of pressure. Weakling. Spineless. Cowardice.
The executives at Sony Pictures are caveman. They caved easily to hackers threats by cancelling the release of the movie The Interview. Hollywood executives are cavemen, hackers can easily get their demands met if they threaten a cyber attack.
by Cubs1969 December 19, 2014
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A caveman is just like a donkey punch except you use a club instead of your fist.

See Donkey Punch for info.
Dude I totally gave your mom a caveman last night.
by RayRay/3van November 02, 2006
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a lower social order that consists mostly of gang maulings of the fat kid and shouting abuse at those higher up in the order see example, see human scum
unluckily most of my year consist of cavemen and jocks
C1:"oi uhhg ooii hughuu!!"
Me:"what the fuck?!, help! i think this one likes me!!"
C2:"ugg arrg ohhg uh!"
Me:"you guys sure are ugly fucks ain't ya"
by hex_ten December 01, 2003
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A homeless man who walks the streets in Kitchener, Ontario (particularly King street) who has long dread locks and a prominent brow. This man may have a drinking problem and positive skills with a HAM radio
There's Caveman, he seems to be resting on the stoop of our building once again. How pungent
by T Diddy August 10, 2003
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If your friend fills all the below criteria he could well be a caveman. He may only use the name caveman if:

He is tall man with long hair a moustache and a bit of a beard, who's real initials are usually R O.

He is often compared to Jay off the inbetweeners.

He enjoys listening to a wide variety of music and has a love for Johnny Cash.

He often wares a 36 crazyfists t shirt.

He likes to whip his hair back and forth.

He enjoys the occasional alcohol beverage.

His mothers name begins with a T.

He often uses vile and insulting language.
yo guys did you see caveman head bang last night his hair knocked someones eye out.

i fingered a dutch girl and she shit down my arm.
by hellohelloehloo January 30, 2011
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Talking like a caveman, either because you are in too big of a rush to use articles and conjuctions, or because you're too cool for proper grammar. Either way, it sounds awesome.
"Why no call me?"

"Dropped phone in tub, phone explode, go boom."

"...Cavemanning cool."
by Deliriumishlirium March 21, 2012
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Nick: Damn Analisa, why yo ass look like caveman!
Analisa: You're so mean!
by OFK December 02, 2017
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