A Neanderthal, an earlier form of the homo sapiens species. Evolved eventually into what we are today. Characterized by a sloping forehead and an overhanging brow. Normally remains are found in northern regions.
Tait Sougstad resembles a caveman, with his sloping forehead and overhanging brow. But he is still sexy.
by Megz n Denzer July 09, 2004
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A sex object to the ladies on Ebaums World Forums. He lives in a cave and pleasures the women in it.
Star, Zeph, Sick, and Cat were all fucked by the Caveman last night, and they will come back for more.
by Man living in a cave. August 23, 2004
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dude found everyware in kitchener but usually downtown with dreads and a black paint stained coat. severe drinking problem. wicked with the guitar and lots of other shyt
caveman, give me back my wallet
by jay November 09, 2003
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Some may say obsessed workaholic, business empire builder that is ALWAYS in his office. May be surrounded by all forms of communication technology, but cannot be reached.
He’s in his cave building his empire, but eventually this caveman will call, pick-up the phone, email, text, send a letter or even be spotted on the town or in a community meeting or more rarely show up at someone’s doorstep.
by BrettTruett January 18, 2006
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A guy or girl that has way too much hair! Any hair...and everywhere! also can describe a woman who is manly and much too muscular!
Guy 1- "Dang! Look at that caveman!"
Guy 2- "She needs to freaking shave! Look at that back hair!"
by Samily April 12, 2008
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Someone rolling so hard that they take on the appearance and behavior of a cave person. This may include:
1. scratching yourself
2. having a lazy eye
3. going cross eyed completely
4. bumping into strangers, and angering them in the process
5. pouring water onto strangers
6. missing your mouth when trying to drink and in turn, soaking yourself
7. hugging strangers
8. swinging arms wildly when walking
9. sticking your hands down your pants for extended periods of time
10. losing the ability to speak english, instead words come out slurred
11. embarrassing your friends
"I can't even be around Nick right now, he's being such a caveman!"
by kateleigh November 26, 2009
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Its where stoned people think batman lives
Wow look man its batman and robin and their heading for his caveman
by pete March 03, 2004
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