When a new navy recruit is placed in a barrel and then the barrel is filled with the cum of all the shipmates as a form of initiation.
He went through the barrel
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A song created by Ethan (crankgameplays) and Mark (markiplier) on Unus Annus with the help of the Gregory Brothers and Joshua King. It is a farewell to Marks van named the barrel.
The Barrel

This one goes out to the barrel
May she rest in peace

Well there once was a day that you were home alone
And you realized you didn't have a car of your own
So sittin' there strugglin' to come up with a plan
You said "Hell yeah, I need a van"
You called up an uber and went down to the shop
To figure out what kind of vans they got
Purple, orange, red and green
But you said "That white one is more like me"

Pre Chorus
Through all the toughest times in life
She's always been there rollin' by your side

Oh, the Barrel
Lovin' you since that day
The Barrel
Takin' you to any place
The Barrel
Huggin' that old asphalt, yeah
The Barrel
And she'll always be rollin

Rollin' down the LA strip
Whenever we were ready we'd be taking a trip
Didn't really matter, day or night
You'd be flying down the streets, got me feeling just right
We cut on the music you'd be jackin' it up
Had a better bass boomin' than a pickup truck
She was flashy, sassy, little bit nasty
But when we'd wash her up she'd be lookin' real classy

Pre Chorus repeats

Chorus repeats

Rollin' through the pearly gates
'Cause on that dreadful day
She was no match for that old bat
That Ethan gave
But the road to your heart
Will forever be paved
With the tire tracks she made

Pre Chorus repeats

Chorus repeats
by EmzieWemzie March 9, 2021
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A virtual place where work-shy, lower league football fans talk about cheese, who has the biggest away support, stories of how much alcohol you can consume without needing a piss and everything else in an attempt not to do any work.
Which cunt got The Barrel shut down this time?
by Anonymous April 1, 2003
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A phrase taken from a popular joke. To say someone is "in the barrel" or "taking a turn in the barrel" means it's their turn to do an unpleasant task or to suffer an unpleasant experience. The joke is as follows:
A sailor on a Navy ship had been out to sea for weeks, and was beginning to go through sex withdrawals. Fed up with the lack of sex, he asked one of his shipmates what he did when the pressure was too much to take.

"Well, there's a barrel with a hole in it near the mop storage. When it gets to be too much for us, we use that."

So the sailor went over to the barrel and decided to give it a go. Finding it was better than he'd expected, he began using it regularly, and his problems seemed to vanish.

After a couple of weeks, his commanding officer began to take notice, and said, "You seem to be a lot more relaxed. What's your secret?"

The sailor, embarrassed to give a straight answer, simply said he'd been getting better rest.

"Well good, sailor. You're going to need it," replied the officer. "Today's your turn in the barrel."
by Talmanes December 10, 2004
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west coast beach slang, getting a sick tube ride.
whoa! mario just got barrelled for five seconds on that wave!
by sandspit October 8, 2007
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a common term using in gambling whereas a person has lost so much in gambling that his is forced to wear a barrel.

a term to describe a person is broke due to excessive compulsive gambling.

term is can be used in a comical or a derogatory way to describe a degenerate gambler.

term is originated by jjgold on sbrforum. a power poster at a gambling forum.
Tony was way over his head betting his entire bankroll on the Celtics, now he is barreled in.

Pat keep chasing with favorites, now he is barreled in.
by picoman March 30, 2009
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