Ordering the beans and tortilla separate at Taco Bell. It costs only 29 cents.
Let's go to Taco Bell, I'm feeling The Alex
by chesney March 9, 2007
A sexual act in which a man ejaculates and sprays diarrhea into a cup. A woman then slides the contents of this cup into her mouth, swishing it around thoroughly. She then proceeds to give the man a blowjob. Once the man's penis is evenly coated with the shit slime, he uses the substance as an anal lube on the woman. Can also be performed between two men that are of homosexual orientation.
Man 1: Oh my God, last night Ethan gave me "The Alex"
Man 2: Ethan? Isn't that a guys name...?
by i_have_a_cast December 3, 2007
The art of shucking a 14 inch Pringles can up your arse until you poop a little, then you lube up and see how many dildos u can fit in at once.
by Fleet Street about to tweet January 21, 2020
A level of drunkenness characterized by a total lapse of lucidity, a lack of logical thinking, and a tendency to post meaningless philosophical dribble to one's story. From least to greatest, the scale of drunkenness goes: Buzzed, Tipsy, Drunk, Wasted, Alexed.
Did you see Kom during the Trail of Tears? That man got Alexed before 4:00 P.M.!
by YaBoySquare May 11, 2017
i saw alex and fucking killed me in fortnite
by BOT Birdie February 13, 2020
Can easily become one of your closest friends. A really sweet boy, who also happens to be intelligent, there are no downsides to knowing an Alex. Handsome, funny, sweet, intelligent, and an amazing friend, always become friends with an Alex.
Wow! Alex is great!
by The Invisible Woman November 15, 2013