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1.(n) A large penis, approximately the size of a pringles can. (Origin): It was rumored that former Chicago Bears running back Curtis Enis had a penis that would fill a pringles can when erect.

2.(a) The act of having sex with (1)

3.(n) A long cylindrical can used to contain a popular make of potato chips
(1) Shit nigga, you never said you had a pringles can. I better use lots of KY.

(2) Damn bitch, you makin' me so horny I just want to pringles can yo' ass.

(3) Yo holmes, pass over that pringles can.
by OrangeFever March 16, 2004
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The amount of time it takes one to fill a pringles can with sperm.
It's been almost three pringles cans since I have had sex!

He plays so much everqust, he probably wont get laid for thirty pringles cans.
by Nosnam November 20, 2003
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What people with too much time on there hands and no money use as the base for a low cost wifi antenna to leach off a distance access point. Particularly effective if done right. Many guides on the internet.
Forumer 1: I need an antenna to steal my schools wifi about 0.5 miles away, direct LoS
Forumer 2: *Inserts Pringles can antenna guide hyperlink* works like a charm been stealing "Linksys" and "Joes wifi" to play world of war craft for 2 years now. Dumb bastards don't secure it.....
Forumer 1: thanks
by Networking_aficianado999 July 21, 2009
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