The philosophical conflict between a man’s tendency to seek hot bitches in life and the inability to find any. This term was first coined by Albert Camus through his works regarding Absurdism, a philosophy he popularized largely throughout the 1940’s.
Man 1: “Hey man, where did all the hot bitches go?”

Man 2: “I don’t know man, It seems as though they’ve been wiped off the face of the earth.”

Man 1: “Fuck, It looks like we’ve just nosedived straight into The absurd.”

Man 2: “Oof.”
by Hot Bitch On Mars July 3, 2018
Albert Camus, one of the pioneers of absurdism, once said, "Should I kill myself or, have a cup of coffee?"
by darthvishous November 13, 2017
unreasonable, illogical, silly, joking(absurd combined with kidding)
Person1: Youre going to summer school
Person2: Are you absurding me, no way!
by LeCapitainSmith November 6, 2011
a word meaning ridiculous, commonly used by the character snape.
could someone be a portkey? no, thats absurd
by pigfarts headmaster August 24, 2010
Contrary to all reason or common sense. Utterly senseless.
Azul27: Internet Explorer > Firefox

Everyone: That is an absurdity.
by Charles Patiño June 17, 2008