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A phrase used to describe an activity that is unpleasant
Garrett: I have 3 midterms and 2 essays this week
Nate: That's AIDS
by thatsaids September 27, 2017
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1) idiomatic redundancy intended to emphasize what the speaker has just spoken while having the opposite effect by diminishing the relevance of their discourse by multiples of the numbler of times it is invoked.
2) verbal tic which indicates the speaker isn't listening to their own blather
3) nonsensical space filler; lesser variant of "uh" or "um"
4) verbal equivalent of checking one's nails
i empowered my client by suggesting the pricepoint they argued would be impactful to the sale of their home. that said, oh- look, a garbage truck.
by lexicali slim September 26, 2009
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Saying, "That's AIDS" is similar to saying that something is sick. But instead of just saying, "That's Sick!" you are really saying that something is as sick as it could possibly be without actual death.
dude 1: I just won the lottery!
dude 2: That's AIDS, well played my friend
by Pable Escobar January 21, 2008
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