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Lucas Silva or Lucas Da Silva is the most common name in the Portuguese language, with Lucas being the second most in Brazil (behind only Gabriel), and 12th most in Portugal. Silva is the most common Portuguese last name across the board. I personally know three Lucas Silva’s or Da Silva’s, and I have heard of a dozen others.
Dude you’re so basic, I thought your name was Lucas Silva.
by JViper December 18, 2020
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Despite being an unfortunate condition that eventually leads to a weaker immune system, it has gained popularity as a reaction to something irrational or stupid said or done by someone, or simply to a pun or really bad joke.
Matt: Did you hear about the pornstar that got stuck between an ice cream truck and a truck full of pies? She nearly died!
Louis: Well, I guess she got... "creampied"!
Leo: Gosh, you just gave me aids!
by JViper May 16, 2014
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