5 definitions by TheAllKnowingRamen

Hey, I got a new iPhone!
What? I thought you used Samsung?
No, I got rid of that Samsang years ago.
by TheAllKnowingRamen May 18, 2016
A man who is extremely liberal and very gay.
Woah, don't kiss me bro, I'm not a San Fran Man.
Guys, it's 2016, San Fran Men should be accepted for who they are.
by TheAllKnowingRamen May 18, 2016
An adjective to describe something that is unbearably terrible and creates high levels of anger and/or frustration, also can describe something extremely uncomfortable.
Oh my gosh, my KD is 0.33, this game is AIDS.
Why are you eating that banana like that? It looks pretty AIDS.
by TheAllKnowingRamen May 25, 2016
The act or state of being obsessed with someone you will never meet and do not speak the same language as.
Oh my gosh, that Russian actress is so hot.
But you don't even speak Russian.
I don't care, it's just Boyoungism.
by TheAllKnowingRamen May 18, 2016
When you invite a girl over and make it seem like you will be watching Netflix on the couch together. But there is a secret motive of chowing down on a multitude of dill pickles.
Hey girl, wanna Netflix and Dill?
Heck yes babe, I'll bring some Vlasic.
by TheAllKnowingRamen May 18, 2016