The most amazing and beautiful star in the sky. had a rough past but found the right guy who can make her forget about anybody who treated her wrong and wants to live his life with her and tells her she's adorable every day and tells her he LOVES her. completely faithful and The life of every partay!!
Girl-"look at them! they're perfect together"
Guy- "Yea, she's a real Aide"
by Pureawesomenessofbeast January 01, 2012
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A tall-ass guy who is cool and all, but he has a dark, dark secret that only very few people know. Oh yeah, he's also addicted to watching porn, wonder what the UK porn ban will do to him.
That guy's a total Aide if I've ever seen one!
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A phrase used to describe an activity that is unpleasant
Garrett: I have 3 midterms and 2 essays this week
Nate: That's AIDS
by thatsaids September 27, 2017
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A virus that was released to the public as means of population control; regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual preference or lifestyle. Very clever indeed.
In a clever attempt to blame the 'morally corrupt' for the spread of <B>AIDS</B> which would lead to a series of phobias, the medical industry further benefits from high-priced treatments, further sucking the income out of the wallets of those inhabiting planet earth.
by Crucifix-Escapist February 24, 2005
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An adjective to describe something that is unbearably terrible and creates high levels of anger and/or frustration, also can describe something extremely uncomfortable.
Oh my gosh, my KD is 0.33, this game is AIDS.
Why are you eating that banana like that? It looks pretty AIDS.
by TheAllKnowingRamen May 25, 2016
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basically really annoying, not something good, used to describe a bad situation or thing just like ‘diabetes
this is such aids’ ‘omg what is this aids?’ ‘are u on aids’
by AidsIsLife101 October 28, 2020
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