Garrett is chicken nugget king. Don't mess with his green beans either.
Garrett is so cool
by randomguy372 December 1, 2021
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Garrett is the probably the most kindest guy you will ever meet, but he could be a pain in the ass. He has a great sense of humor, and is very fun to be around. Garrett is also very creative, and can be dirty minded some times. Garrett is a great friend and boyfriend he is there for you no matter what. He makes you smile even if you don't want to. He has a great personality and he smile all the time. Garrett is probably the best boyfriend ever. If you are his girlfriend you are very lucky because Garrett will be there for you no matter what, and if you are his one true love he will stick with you no matter how tempting these other girls might be. Garrett has the greatest smile ever, and has the most beautiful baby blue eyes. Garrett is probably one of the best friend and boyfriend anyone could ask for. Garrett is the most kindest person you could ever meet, but he could be a pain in the ass some time.
by Badass girl 14 October 30, 2017
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Garretts can be the most genuine, kind guy you meet or the biggest asshole in the world. Usually the former. He is hilarious and talented. Loyal and intelligent. Great taste in all forms of entertainment, but acts condescending about it. He has adorable crazy hair and blue eyes that see right through people. Very indecisive. Comes off nerdy but still manages to get all the girls. Caution: you may fall in love. This would be very unfortunate because you could ruin the best friendship of your life. Note: you will often find Garretts around Daniels. He strongly dislikes the nickname Garebear.
"He's so mezmerizing." Girl one
"Yeah, totally a Garrett." Girl two
by losrsoulunfooled August 31, 2013
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An amazing person. He's smart funny and good lookin. He is misunderstood. He is a badass on the outside and a gentle caring sweet person on the inside, he has a dark but outright hilarious sense of humor. He is himself and doesn't care what people think. If you ever find a garrett keep him you'll be glad you did.
Wow that boy Garrett is pretty cool!
by Dankdawg2.0 November 21, 2017
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Garrett's are the kind that will either rub you the wrong way at first, then win you over quickly, if he cares to. Or, you will click with him right away. You'll be confused when he's an asshole, and then on the same subject make you feel amazing, usually within' the same sentence. He's the kind to push you, because he believes in you. He'll smile that wicked smile, and your knees will go weak. He'll flip his hair, and send shivers down your spine. Oh, he also has a great ass. He's a cocky son of a bitch. He's a know-it-all, and knows it, gloats it. He'll make you want to learn, to better your self, to conquer the world. Thoughts of him, will push you to go further. Careful though, take care, you'll be head-over-heels in love before you realize, and because of this, you accept only being his friend. Taking the opportunity to form a great relationship. And absorbing all you can from him. He will be one of the greatest people you fall in love with, but an ever greater friend.
Stop being such a Garrett.
by PinkStars September 27, 2014
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a total nerd, but still manages to sweep you off your feet. probably plays an instrument. he can definitely wreck you in a game of 8-ball. he’s shy at first, but once you get to know him he will not shut up (which is a good thing because he’s really funny). one of the best friends you’ll ever have!!
me- “wow i can’t wait to see garrett today!!”
by prettybasic April 3, 2018
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One who exhibits etreme model like hottness and who drives the ladies crazy in bed
That guy is such a Garrett.
by The incredible hulk June 12, 2005
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