Sarcastic slang used to blame all the your life problems on the President, Barack Obama.

Usually, the subject is struggling with a simple task or something trivial is happening to them.
"I stepped out in the middle of the street this morning and almost got hit by a car....Thanks Obama!"

"I just got a paper cut...Thanks Obama!"
by Sarah N Dipity August 22, 2013
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A phrase (used sarcastically) to blame one's problems on the president, regardless of whether or not they have anything to do with the presidency.
"Miley Cyrus was still Hannah Montana when George Bush was president--- Thanks Obama!"
by SophiaChicken September 22, 2013
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Used to blame America's increase of problems on ex-President Obama.
Guy1: “$115b for illegals! And they get free shit out of taxpayer pockets!”
Immigrant: “Thanks Obama! You know worked my ass off to get a job in America, get a job visa, apply for citizenship with employer approval, wait 5 years on green card, and have to pay my taxes while some dude crosses the open border and gets free Medicaid, food, shelter, water, and other shit.”
by 1nd14n601 July 2, 2018
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Something you say when you realise America's fall to fascism is in big part due to Obama's inaction during his two terms as president and his blatant sabotage of Bernie Sanders' campaign in 2020.
CNN drone: "Missouri is banning abortion today"
Twitch rando #1: "here's a vid of Obama saying he would codify Roe v Wade in 2008."
Twitch rando #2: "Thanks Obama!"
by Gjord August 15, 2022
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A generic complaint about anything bad, ever.
Originally used to actually attribute things to President Obama, "Thanks, Obama" was used to complain about problems increasingly unlikely to be the fault of the President, and can now be used as a complaint about anything.
The economy is in the toilet? Thanks, Obama!
Millions have died in the Middle East? Thanks, Obama!
I was fired from my job? Thanks, Obama!
Aliens are invading the Earth? Thanks, Obama!
Everything will ultimately be destroyed in the heat death of the universe? Thanks, Obama!
by MTstr June 3, 2013
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A phrase used by students when annoyed by the quality of school lunches, referring to reforms made by Michelle Obama.
by Mason9468 February 16, 2016
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