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A huge church that is usually baptist or non-denominational evangelical. The size of the church and of the parking lot might make some confuse it with an airport. It usually has a ton of money and a huge congregation willing to fork over money for whatever reason the pastor deems necessary. The church goers may seem brainwashed.
Did you see that new Goditorium off of highway 123? It must have like 10,000 members...
by koalaroo February 29, 2008
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Sorostitutes are found across the nation on most college campuses. A sorostitute is a classless, self-absorbed female with daddy's plastic. She spends copious amounts of time and money grooming herself. She usually has hair that's dyed blonde and the orange glow of a fake-n-bake tan. She can often be found in Rainbows, boat shoes, big sunglasses (Channel, but usually a cheap knock off), Northface jackets, pearl earrings, tons of makeup, and/or clothes with Greek letters on them. The majority of what she owns and wears is pink. She probably also suffers from Elle Woods syndrome.

She usually has a pink cell phone which she is constantly talking loudly into. Usually it's details of what happened the previous night, before she blacked out. On Facebook, she usually has a million friends and is featured in twice as many pictures. Many of the pictures are of her holding red cups. She is usually at college to get her MRS degree (ie: is a gold digger) and also doesn't know how to keep her thighs closed. When she's not playing drinking games at frat parties, she can usually be found congregating around the quarterback or the baseball team.

She usually drives a large, expensive SUV which her daddy lovingly paid for. The only thing that daddy can't buy her is class.
That girl won't shut up about the Chi Phi party last night. What a sorostitute!
by koalaroo February 26, 2008
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"Palmetto bug" is a southern euphemism for the giant flying cockroach that inhabits the southeastern US. It is more commonly referred to as the "American cockroach" in scientific conversations.
A palmetto bug flew through the front door and into my face. I wanted to bathe in Lysol afterward.
by koalaroo May 19, 2008
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Fear or hatred of whites; fear or hatred of people of European decent. Often associated with racism against whites. This hatred is usually seen as justifiable and often is not viewed as racism.
The derogatory use of words like "cracker" and "snowflake" is indicative Caucasophobia.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright has a raging case of Caucasophobia.
by koalaroo May 3, 2008
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A condition in which a person has multiple STDs. Usually acquired by promiscuous fucktards who refuse to use condoms during intercourse. Used to signify how nasty someone is.
I heard John got herpagonosyphilaids from all those hooknasties.
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
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A ginormous diamond engagement ring. Often found on the ring finger of a gold digger.
Holy shit! I just got blinded by the skating rink on that chick's finger!
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
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This is the condition that occurs after a night of binge drinking and the subsequent bout of vomiting. Alcorexia is caused by a hangover so bad that the sufferer cannot eat. A night of alcolimia is often followed by a day of alcorexia.
Some sorostitutes may view alcorexia as a sound form of dieting. After all, it does cut carbs.
by koalaroo May 19, 2008
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