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A way to describe someone who has some quality that makes them sexually irresistible, and who doesn't have some quality that would make having sex with them questionable. It's someone who you wouldn't mind having sex with right then, right there, because of some reason. You don't have to be smokin' hot to be bangable. It can be looks, or intangible qualities like personality or charisma.
He'd be bangable if he wasn't in a frat.

She'd be bangable if she didn't have herpagonosyphilaids.

I don't know why, but he's just bangable!
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
A condition in which a person has multiple STDs. Usually acquired by promiscuous fucktards who refuse to use condoms during intercourse. Used to signify how nasty someone is.
I heard John got herpagonosyphilaids from all those hooknasties.
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
A huge church that is usually baptist or non-denominational evangelical. The size of the church and of the parking lot might make some confuse it with an airport. It usually has a ton of money and a huge congregation willing to fork over money for whatever reason the pastor deems necessary. The church goers may seem brainwashed.
Did you see that new Goditorium off of highway 123? It must have like 10,000 members...
by koalaroo February 29, 2008
When the mammary tissues of a male become pronounced, usually as a side effect of obesity. Also called man tits.

This is a medical condition called gynecomastia.
Dude, that kid has such big moobs he needs a bra!
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
A condition in which one consumes so much alcohol that they end up vomiting it up and therefore do not gain weight (and may in fact lose weight). Furthermore, the day after a night of binge drinking, the alcolimic is unable to consume food due to nasty hangover. See alcorexia.
Sorostitutes are commonly afflicted with alcolimia from Thursday evenings to Sunday mornings.
by koalaroo May 19, 2008
A derogatory term for a baseball groupie looking to score big and either land a ballplayer for a hubby or cause the baseball player to have marital problems. Might conveniently forget to use birth control. They get better looking the higher the level of baseball. See baseball Annie.
That Annie nailed that baseball star and then sent pics of it to his wife and to the newspaper, and now she's asking for child support.
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
A gold digger that finds a baseball player stupid enough to marry her (this is like 99.9% of white baseball players). Usually blond, tan & trashy with ridiculously white teeth and lots of bling to show off, especially the skating rink she got as an engagement ring. May originally have been a baseball Annie that got lucky.
That dumb blond a few rows ahead of us is totally a baseball wife. I hope her husband fouls a ball back and it hits her in the face.
by koalaroo February 28, 2008