Can be used as a pejorative for white people. Termites are typically white, pale, or clear.
"I wish one of these fools would say something stupid, like call me a moon cricket, cuz then I'll be ready to squash these Termites".
by IBTAL September 28, 2019
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A person from your past who suddenly comes out of the woodwork the moment you experience any sort of fame, success, large influx of cash, etc.

Usually an ex, someone you had a fling with, or even someone who turned you down for a date.
"Ever since that article came out about me, I've been getting a whole bunch of Facebook messages from termites."
by LionKill February 09, 2012
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Any Girl Who Might Have The Certain Craving For "Wood"
Girl: You Want A BJ?
Guy: You Are Such A Termite
by Mateo19 February 25, 2008
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Name given to a girl giving you a blowjob when she decides to nibble on your wood cock.
by Dawn Keebals January 14, 2020
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A dusty, dirty looking 2 legged creature that stands on the corner in every city in America trying to talk to every girl that walks by.
Tyiesha and Tia were walking down Garrison Blvd and the Termites were all out hounding them for a date.
by Coltiaysa July 03, 2006
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Someone (usually family) that only visits twice a year, stays for a week, lives off of you, and doesn't get a job.
Im sorry, I can't go out today. I have this termite living in the house and he's eaten all the food.
by whoiswhitenoise December 27, 2017
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A term for rural poor / destitute people who see trees or lumber in your yard, and beg for the privilege of doing something you didn't really need done.

A non-professional sketchwad who shows up at your house and offers to cut up downed trees.

3. Unemployed laborer who drives around trying to find wood and turn it into food.
"So what happened today, Dad?"

"Oh, some termite pulled up and asked me if he could cut up that tree for $300. I told him no, so he told me this story about how he was working on a logging deck, and a load shifted and some log fell on his skull- and damn if he didn't have a big dent in his skull. So I gave him $20, and he left.
by Ihowl September 21, 2009
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