Someone who is solid as. They are just TOO hard!
Shit! I wouldn't mess with him that guy is Ten Men!
by philio_spesh_4 June 24, 2009
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A girl who walks into a room looking like she owns the place. Swears a lot (almost every other sentence), and has an obsession for barnsley related speak.
Doesnt she look like ten men?
by Crappyhag May 24, 2006
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some one who does or says something retarded. Because everyone knows that retards are the strongest people in the world.
Joe: Yo, I think that chick digs the way I cabbage patch.

Phill: Yeah, she also thinks you're as strong as ten men.
by Henry E. Jones January 20, 2008
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a guy with a extremely large penis who also has the strength of ten
he has the strength of ten men
by mitch July 28, 2003
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a great death metal cover band that takes pop songs and makes them metal

* Mark "The Mauler" Hutson
* Dave "The Chef" Hutson
* Apocalypse Al
* Battle Damage Davies
* Pablo "The Snoot"
* Ross Well "The Incident"
* Billy Bub "The Janitor"
* Gary "The Gimp" Hearns
* Neil "Numbnut" Matthews
* Martin "Meathead" Matthews
its a shame this is the first definition
ten masked men cover ^
by beyoself1993 November 30, 2008
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