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Town in South Yorkshire. Stereotyped and judged as a bad place by most people who have not even been there.

Friendly people with a broad yorkshire accent, sometimes hard to understand with their slang.
Surrounded by countryside and offers a lot of historical buildings etc.

Famous for its mines and movies such as brassed off and kes.
Home to the Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band.
'off t' barnsley cock'
by SYorkshireLass92 June 15, 2013
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A town found in South Yorkshire that is constantly slandered for it's culture. It has bad points...(Morons and an incompetant council) but is much like every other town and city found in England.
P.s The people of Barnsley never, or rarely speak like this; Am guin t'pit. They don't mine either.
by Orator of verum July 24, 2008
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A place that's widely misunderstood, because half is full of mkat warriors, where as the other half are decent people who wish to get away.
I wish Barnsley wasn't full of MKAT warriors thinking their solid, it'd be a nicer place.
by hello there lovely October 28, 2010
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When one has an unexpected semi erection.

Derived from Football commentators saying "and barnsley with an unexpected semi" whenever the team gets to the semi finals of anything.
I checked this girl out when I was in starbucks and got a barnsley
by Old Matey August 16, 2011
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In the UK. South Yorkshire to be precise.
Full of inbreds who used to work down t'pit.
Reckons rolls are called teacakes and seems to have an unhealthy obsession with their home town.
They have big gates of Barnsley which are supposedly designed to welcome travellers home. I think it is more likely to keep everybody else out.

Barnsley is a LOT like Royston Vasey from The League of Gentlemen.
tha guein darn t'pit?
by Jonny-bl0w June 08, 2005
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Full of people with silly accents. Favourite pastimes include mining down't pit and combining words to form random sentences that no normal person understands.

Strong in't arm, thick in't head.
Ey up, in't, down't... (And other stuff that I never really understood unlike these ones here!)
by Phillip December 06, 2004
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Female who drinks and smokes heavily, usually to the severe detriment to her health.
No wonder she's broke, she's a right barnsley!
by Martin-Smith November 07, 2006
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