Tell Her.

When a person makes a statement regarding a person of the opposite sex one must finish the sentence with 'tell her'

If 'tell her' does not follow said sentence and another member of your party declares 'tell her' then the statement must be repeated to the person the statement was about.

Failure to comply results in a lemon or lime to the eye.
Gary - 'That bird is fit, I would love to smash her fart pipes in'

Barry - 'TELL HER!'

Gary - 'SHIT!' (walks over to that bird) 'You are fit and I would love to smash your fart pipes in'

That bird - 'Smashing, lets do that right away'

Larry - 'I fingered that slag last night, her fanny smelt like cheetos and burnt hair'

Harry - 'Tell her'

Larry - 'Fuck that........OOOOWWW My eye! It stings, curse you citrus fruits, I should have told her'
by Wainy536 July 1, 2010
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When a woman may not have heard you the first time (or didn't listen) and you're forced to repeat yourself, often resulting in two black eyes.
So this bitch was acting up last night so I had to tell her twice
by Jony_Pony April 3, 2009
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Code for your friend to kindly tell a ladyfriend to GTFO
Me: Hey Charlie, tell her to GTFO.

Charlie: Madam, I think it is time you retire... so GTFO.
by DaBIGdawgy July 14, 2011
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who’s going to tell the person about something that is obvious that the subject doesn’t realize
Person 1: “walks out with an ugly outfit”
Person 2 to person 3: “who gon tell her?”
by Yourslanghelper March 15, 2020
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When someone comments on a girl then someone else says 'tell her Tuesday' they have to tell that girl what they said about her. Can only happen on Tuesday.
Person 1 - That (girl) has a really nice ass!
Person 2 - Tell her Tuesday

Person 1 to the girl - You have a really nice ass
by Pseudonym ..... November 24, 2013
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The 2nd album by Naz Rager. The album is both experimental and safe for the artist. Songs like “Ramona” and “Halle” show that the album is more focused on women than his previous album YOTR. Of course, the Rager rages on THYLH🖤 with songs like “BOOM!” and Ca$h B4 Love”. The vulnerability on this album is unmatched by any other underground artist as this album deals with the duality of Naz’s nonchalant “fuck bitches get money” persona and his heart and his need to love and feel love. There are a plethora of songs on the album so there is truly something for everyone. This is Naz Rager’s beginning to creating the “Rager’s World”.
Tell Her, You Love Her is crazy!! Naz really does it all in this album.
by XNXGMX February 2, 2023
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May 11th is a day you tell them your feelings for them
Yoooo today is May 11th (National tell him/her you like them) you know what that means 😏 tell them your true feelings 🥰
by D.u.m.b.__ May 11, 2021
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