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Tell Her.

When a person makes a statement regarding a person of the opposite sex one must finish the sentence with 'tell her'

If 'tell her' does not follow said sentence and another member of your party declares 'tell her' then the statement must be repeated to the person the statement was about.

Failure to comply results in a lemon or lime to the eye.
Gary - 'That bird is fit, I would love to smash her fart pipes in'

Barry - 'TELL HER!'

Gary - 'SHIT!' (walks over to that bird) 'You are fit and I would love to smash your fart pipes in'

That bird - 'Smashing, lets do that right away'

Larry - 'I fingered that slag last night, her fanny smelt like cheetos and burnt hair'

Harry - 'Tell her'

Larry - 'Fuck that........OOOOWWW My eye! It stings, curse you citrus fruits, I should have told her'
by Wainy536 July 01, 2010
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