1: Any detail an individual person cannot remember or does not wish to take into account.
2: A small detail, especially legal or related to rules, that NOBODY remembers or cares about unless they can abuse it for something.
1: That's just a technicality! -anyone on the wrong side of an argument
2: Did you hear they let that mass-murderer off on a technicality?

Heard it!? I'm skipping town because of it!
by WolfsTrinity June 11, 2014
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Technics, owned by Panasonic, is a superior brand of electronics. Loved by DJs for their excellent quality & reliable turntables, Technics is the Lexus of electronics.
I have an old Technics stereo receiver from the 1980s, and it still works and sounds rock solid!
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
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Wheels of Steel, Decks, Dex, Turntables
A well known brand of turntables made by Panasonic as Technics. SL-1200MK2s are very popular among DJs for their reliablity in the field.
Them decks up there on my setup are Technics
by dj scrizzle July 8, 2003
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What 12 year olds say to sound smart. Often found said by smartasses to make someone look wrong and stupid.
Bitch: Well technically i didnt do anything.
Teacher: STFU
by George March 30, 2005
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When used at the beginning of a sentence, this word is a variety of the 'filler' word basically. Another direct replacement for technically is essentially. Maybe the speaker sees his or her own bad speech patterns and recycles these three words while speaking. Filler words add absolutely nothing to the sentence being spoken. Other filler words include like, just, and stuff and y'know, but they tend to be in the middle of or at the end of a sentence. Filler words are rarely used in writing and are part of acquired speech habits.
Technically, the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone.
Why not say... The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone.
by Exit Ramp June 20, 2004
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The word that the dull kid uses to try to sound smart.
Retard: "Well technically I didn't punch you, it was my arm"
Literally everybody: "OMG STFU"
by Kitolada March 29, 2020
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A GLA (Global Liberation Army) owned vehicle in Command and Conquer (Zero Hour). It has a mounted machine gun on the back of the vehicle. The technical can upgrade its weaponry by salvaging enemy parts and by purchasing armor piercing bullets at the black market. It can also hold up to 5 troops, making it an effective transport vehicle. However, unlike the USA Humvee, the troops cannot fire out of the vehicle while they are inside. They must be evacuated before they can fire upon enemy units. RTS pro gamers use this versatile vehicle to pwn noobs because we pro gamers got the micro.
I'll kill you with 1 technical right, cause like y'know I just got the micro.
by HR Ryan September 10, 2005
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