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Dope city if you ever go there. Phat radio stations like 92Q, 120.5 The Party, and 104.3 The Buzz. Hella raves and concerts are held at Starwood Now AMSouth Ampitheatre. Near downtown, there's tons of projects & hoodz.
I used to kick it in Nashville
by dj scrizzle November 21, 2003
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a washington-based manufacturer of a line of audio equipment that is xonsidered some of the best on the market
many top Djs use rane mixers.
by dj scrizzle December 13, 2004
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Wheels of Steel, Decks, Dex, Turntables
A well known brand of turntables made by Panasonic as Technics. SL-1200MK2s are very popular among DJs for their reliablity in the field.
Them decks up there on my setup are Technics
by dj scrizzle July 8, 2003
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punk muthafuka who thinks he's a fuckin cop when all he does is sits on his ghetto ass and raids the coffee machine in the employee lounge
If no one was around, I woulda killed that rent a cop for holding me on fake bullshit that i never did.
by dj scrizzle November 21, 2003
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Manufacterer of car audio and pro sound equipment. Pyle is based in Brooklyn,NY
Hey bro, check tha PYLE speakers in my trunk. (thump,thump,thump) yo dogg,them mo-fos iz bumpin.
by dj scrizzle July 8, 2003
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Makes the world's best needles and cartidges for the reproduction of music.
Ortophons are the best.
by dj scrizzle April 19, 2004
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