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Teal’s are hard to get over... probably blonde with blue eyes. Teal’s act like they don’t care but deep down they do...
I love teal

Teal has dreamy blue eyes and shiny blonde hair.
by Anonymous 🧯 February 22, 2019
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She is a one of a kind best friend. She will kick anyone's ass if they mess with the people she cares about. She has a huge heart and cares deeply about animals. She loves to read and bake. She will always cheer others up and puts others needs before herself. She can be really sassy when she is tired but she is very hard working. She fights for what she believes in and has an open mind about everything. Having her as a best friend is a once in a lifetime opportunity, having her as a girlfriend is even better!
She cares deeply for her friends and she will fight for them any day. She is really sweet and kind, might seem shy at first but will open up soon. Don't get her mad cause she has power to unleash hell on you if she chooses to. It's best to stay on her good side.
She is amazing, beautiful, funny, kind, perfect, and loyal.
Dan: Wow! You are such a Teal!
Lilith: Oh! Why thank you!
by QueenKiwi March 17, 2019
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a being who is very very easily amused, likes to eat pickles, sings 24/7, watches scooby doo, pirates of the caribbean, spirited away, buffy, and enjoys slam poetry.
by ah ha! December 12, 2003
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Teal is a horse obsesed girl. She spends most of her time at the barn, and loves it. She is pretty quite, but isn't shy if you talk to her. she is just the kind of girl you need to give a chance to get to know her inner epic-ness.
she also can't spell for her life. i wish i knew her better, because she is nice to pretty much everyone.
"do you know Teal?"
"you mean the horse obsessed one?"
by ASecrethahahaha February 19, 2010
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