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Contrary to popular sources and myths, Lilith is not a vampire. She was recognized in many ancient cultures under a variety of different names and was seen as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, independence, freedom of thought and of liberation for woman. The last is where the myth of her being "the first wife of Adam" stems from. So the story goes, Lilith refused gods laws about men being superior to woman and she proved this by being ontop during sexual intercourse. For her boldness and defiance, she was thrown out of "the garden" and then came her successor, Eve, the perfect stay at home mom. This story was invented by the bringers of christianity which holds the view that a womans place is in the home serving the husband. Woman were told to be like the good Eve, and shun the ways of "evil Lilith". This was in order to suppress the Ancient Goddess and turn her followers away from her. They made her appear as an evil force. This way, woman would not want to be independent, as this was of Lilith. To them, any woman who was independent in some way was "of the demon Lilith and was evil and un christian". Lilith's sacred animal is the Owl, symbolizing wisdom and learning. Everyone has heard the term "wise owl". The Owl has also been associated with magick and mystery, of night and freedom. Owls are also beautiful, and Lilith, although strong and independent, is also beautiful. Lilith also stands for sexual pleasure and the right to use contraception and abortion. Abortion is where the story of Lilith "killing babies" comes from. Lilith never literally killed babies, she just supported the fact that a woman can choose to have an abortion if she does not wish to have the child that she has conceived. Lilith knows the importance of freedom of choice. The idea of Lilith murdering children was another analogy that came along with christianity. Lilith is also associated with the Serpent, with Lucifer. Lucifer was too a God before the coming of christianity, and Lilith is the wife of Lucifer, God of light and knowledge. The Serpent has been the symbol of knowledge in many ancient cultures. The Hindu, Buddhist, Shaman, Celtic, etc and was only really labelled as a symbol of evil when christianity came onto the scene. Lilith represents freedom, wisdom, knowledge, independence, power, divine beauty and the right to question things and think for yourself, going against herd mentality.
Lilith is the liberator
by Salamay November 10, 2007
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The sweetest little girl you'll ever meet. If you see a Lilith then befriend her as soon as possible because she will be the most funniest and sweetest you'll ever meet. When she's gone you'll try to find her.
Guy 1: Man Lilith is so sweet.
by SalveenYoung September 17, 2017
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1. In ancient mythology: the queen of all demons and first woman before Eve, expelled from Eden for not sleeping under Adam. She was the first succubi, a killer of newborn babies and seducer of sleeping men.

2. Anime: A succubus, last name Aensland.

3. On IRC and various online games: a bisexual, bitchy dominatrix who owns everyone with her sharp, witty and often very sexual comments. Also well known for verbally thrashing attention whores.
1. It wasn't a wet dream, it was Lilith.

2. Check it out, man! More Lilith hentai!

3. <~ruder> Lilith comes out of nowhere to put the boyz in their places.
by S April 16, 2005
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A cute cuddly thing with lots of personality. Quite greedy when food is nearby, will do anything to get that food nearby. Loves snuggles and walks and being told she's the cutest girl around.
That girl is such a Lilith
by coolthang6 February 04, 2017
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an adorable lil fish person that also doubles as the god of death and is the sole reason that the party is alive is also and UWU master
man Lilith is so good at her job
by Randommonkey03 October 18, 2019
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Referring to the character made popular by Bebe Neuwirth on the television shows "Cheers" and "Frasier"; A woman who is very cold in attitude and spirit.
Why did it get so cold suddenly in the room? Oh, "Lilith" must have walked in.
by BillyDoll901 April 01, 2007
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