A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She could be the sweetest person you’ll ever meet or the evilest.

She’s loyal and won’t hesitate to stand up for what she thinks is right.
She can be a very two-faced and manipulative person. She could hate your guts without you knowing it.
All in all, if you ever meet a Lilith, don’t get on her bad side, things won’t look so good for you.

Appreciate her because she’s 1 in a billion, you won’t find someone else like her.
Person 1: “Wow, she’s mesmerizing
Person 2: “Yeah, that’s Lilith she’s very sweet.”
Person 3: “I heard she’s a pleasure.”
by Straight-Tee April 25, 2020
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Lilith goddess of the Underworld mother to all demon
And Lucifer spoke those words my queen my queen her name is Lilith goddess of the underworld
by Lilith97666 December 5, 2019
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Lilith is a beautiful girl who is always there when you need help. She may not show it often, but she really cares about people and their feelings. She's pretty stubborn at times but it's always excused considering her sense of humor. Sometimes she may make jokes that others don't take too lightly like dark humor type. She's a great friend and an even greater person. If you have a Lilith in your life. Appreciate her, she doesn't show. But she really cares about you.
Person 1: "Hey! I finally got my math grade up, Lilith helped me!
Person 2: "Lilith? She seems tired all the time, wonder how she did that."
Person 1: "Oh! Not at all! Once you get to know her she's very kind!"
Person 2: "Hmm.. well it's true she's always smiling around friends.."
Person 3: "A very beautiful smile too!"
Person : "Who are-"
by ADrunkTeacher September 8, 2020
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Unlike the current top answer, the Lilith predates the christian belief system. Lilith was according to the Alphabet of Ben Sira, was the first wife of Adam. In no other ancient text does it state that. In the Alphabet of Ben Sira, Lilith refused to be submissive to Adam, and Adam refused to be equals. Lilith then left, and God created a new wife for Adam. Lilith shows up well before that text in ancient hebrew texts. Those refer to her as a demon who represented lust much like the demon Asmodeus in other texts. Lilith was historically shown as a purely evil figure up until the creation of the Alphabet of Ben Sira, which is considered to be a satirical work by most scholars.
Lilith is a figure in Hebrew Mythology.
by ~Minimally Biased Poster~ July 26, 2018
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The sweetest little girl you'll ever meet. If you see a Lilith then befriend her as soon as possible because she will be the most funniest and sweetest you'll ever meet. When she's gone you'll try to find her.
Guy 1: Man Lilith is so sweet.
by SalveenYoung September 17, 2017
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Lilith’s are very selfish, and cold towards others. While that’s the case you’d also have to admit they’re very funny, smart, and beautiful. Seemingly the only people Lilith will care about are those dear to her.

Lilith can be very sweet and gentle, but it can also be an act whilst she’s being manipulative and two faced at the same moment.

You can never really tell if a Lilith hates you if you hang around her or her friend group. She won’t publicly be a bitch to you in front of others to keep her reputation.

Though she maintains a reputation she won’t hesitate to snap back at you if you make any remarks.

Liliths are likely dismissive of others flirting with her, or trying to get with her. It takes a long time to earn a Liliths trust and or heart. In the end it really is worth it.

Once she loves you she loves you. She’ll be the sweetest person to you until you do something to make her turn otherwise.
Lilith is a very special person, and if you’re on her good side you’ll enjoy it. She’s nothing like the rest. She’s beautiful,
by UnknownedUser June 19, 2020
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A cute cuddly thing with lots of personality. Quite greedy when food is nearby, will do anything to get that food nearby. Loves snuggles and walks and being told she's the cutest girl around.
That girl is such a Lilith
by coolthang6 February 4, 2017
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