How come if I steal its called robbery and if the federal government steals its called "taxes."
by toxic720 June 12, 2011
Money coerced and collected from honest, hard-working people in proportion to their INCOME. This means that the harder a person works, the more he is taxed. Taxes are NOT collected on WEALTH, which explains why rich people pay few taxes.

Therein lies the explanation why pollutocrats like John Kerry, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Kennedy, who have millions of dollars, want to raise taxes. They have great wealth but not-so-great incomes, so they pay very low taxes. It's YOUR ass they want to tax.

This also explains why higher taxes are the liberal's favorite solution to every problem. Higher taxes cost him nothing, but the entitlements they pay for buy votes from members of the entitled groups. This explains why black folks like to vote for John Kerry. You didn't think they like his face, did you?

Note a fundamental truth of the universe: Corporations do NOT pay taxes. Never have. Never will. They merely collect taxes and pass them on to the government. If the government slaps a high tax on corporations, the corporations merely raise the prices of the goods they sell, and pass the cost along to the consumer.
Hillary Clinton lay in bed, momentarily troubled because she could not think of a new way to raise taxes.
by The Wog Whomper May 1, 2005
A percentage of your income that is deducted for use by the government.
John: I hate taxes.
Sam: Hah, loser.
by NotPieGuy January 19, 2021
Every year you gotta take it up the butt from your government and pay them to do their job. <_<
Government: *takes money*
Government: It's called taxes bitch!
by superawesomedragon April 16, 2009
What the government takes from the smart in order to support people who are too ignorant to make money on their own.
Obama: "Fuck the middle class, i'm raising taxes so can give handouts to my brothas and sistas."
Boehner: "You wont be destroying this great country on my watch!"
by kenyan democrat August 18, 2011