1. To have a penis or other object inserted into your anus.

2. To die in a movie.

1. "Joe put his penis in my anus, I take it up the butt"

2. "Did you see Star Wars III, Mace Windu takes it up the butt!"
by poopsas1234 August 5, 2006
When you bend over, like jason does, and take it up the rear from anyone and everyone. To get that office you had to suck a lotta dick didnt ya.
To get the office you have now, you definitly took it up the butt buddy,
by He who cannot be named December 14, 2004
A phrase you can inject in a conversation after someone begins to complain or go on about something that you are not interested in.
Take it up with my butt because that's the only one that gives a crap.
by General America December 17, 2010