There’s no other zodiac sign like a Taurus! Taurus’s are pretty/handsome , energetic, cheerful , stubborn , graceful and humours. Taurus’s are known for there great sense of humour. They love to joke around and rarely take anything seriously! They are usually very chill people when you first meet them. But when you get close to a Taurus you get to see the fun and amazing personality they have! Taurus’s love to share and are usually very generous , unless its there food! Taurus’s love to eat and sleep and can sometime be very lazy. But when they put there hearts to something they will accomplish it. Taurus’s usually have a lot of friends but are only close to a few. Taurus’s are the friendliest people you’ll meet. They live there social lives and live to talk! Mad Taurus’s are very dedicated. They make sure they chase there dream u till they get it. And lastly , Taurus’s are very attractive! They are one of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet inside and out , but they don’t like to show there emotion much and are very closed off. So if you ever meet a Taurus keep them! They are literally the best!
Katie: Why is Sarah so flawless?
Avery: Because she’s a Taurus ofc!!
by ionlyspeakfactsperiodt July 25, 2020
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A beautiful person inside and out.Very stubborn but caring.they either love too much or don’t care at all.if they don't feel the love will be depressed.kind but wont be the one to give second chances.Will always try to make you laugh and is very goofy
Girl 1:omd she’s definitely a Taurus shes so kind and pretty
Girl 2: i dont like her
Taurus:bitch who asked for your opinion
Girl 1:”standing there awkwardly “
by Mxss_boujie.bitch January 31, 2020
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Taurus are really kind and always try to make you feel joyful. They always go out of their way to try to make you feel good about yourself. Although, they are so kind and loyal they are also really stubborn. They always want what they can’t have. They try to make them self sound so powerful. They are really sensitive and aren’t that good at hiding their feelings. They love putting people before themselves. They love fashion. They always over dress and arrive fashionably late.

-fellow taurus
“Shes so kind oh yeah she’s a Taurus”

“She’s so stubborn! She’s such a Taurus!”
by Userrrrrrrrrrr1 June 19, 2019
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1.Anybody born April 20 to May 20. Very friendly,sensual people who will be your best friend in bed and get easily pissed off if you rub them the wrong way. 2.
After I explained to Gina that she was a kangaroo. She lost her temper and told me that I was a piece of dog shit. Yep,she's a Taurus all right!
by esjay December 07, 2004
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someone born between april 20-may 20. some usual characteristics of a taurus are(btw, this isnt for all taurus's, everyone is different):
-some are artistic (Many taurus's are gifted in painting or singing)others however work well in the banking industry
-loyal (usually not one to cheat in relationships)
-self indulgent
-warm hearted

either way, whether this is like you or not(or a taurus you know), we all have good and bad parts of us-nothing to be ashamed of.
girl 1: "hey whens your birthday?"

girl 2:"may 6th, why?"

girl 1:"oh that means your a taurus."

girl 2: "oh ok"
by tash1234567 January 18, 2008
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The best sign. People born under Taurus, the Bull, are the most sensuous, artistic and determined people. Taurians are known for their beautiful hair, impressive stamina and good taste.
The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus (the best planet).
by pixelfairy December 27, 2011
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They are born from April 21 - May 21! They are very smart internet people you will always want to be parents with the because they are so smart . They love food and will beat ur ass ! They are also very athletic and work hard at what ever they do ! They are very pretty!
Dude : OMG that girl has to be a Taurus

Friend : Oh yeah

Dude : she’s so pretty and smart

Girl : yeah I’m a Taurus
by Rachel Evans February 18, 2020
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