The fist person to know anything about everything is taty and it is the word you say if you can't think of anything to say.
your so smart as taty, "mom" are the light on "You" uhhh taty
by Penguina82938928 January 17, 2021
most likley to fw the opps
taty fw da opps ong
by Taty,Tatyana November 25, 2020
The most beautiful woman in the whole wide world! She's Helen of Troy... Saying she's incredibly gorgeous is an understatement! She's a Goddess! She's stunning, she's divine, she's mesmeric. She's fucking Aphrodite! She's dripping deliciousness! She's the epitome of desire... She captivates the mind, body and soul. She is the one, she is Mrs. Right... It's inevitable that you'll fall for her.
Taty brings pure joy to my soul and fuzziness to my heart...
by YoungGenna May 13, 2022
It’s another saying for aunt in some cultures
Hey Taty Linda how’s your day.
by JayTG May 20, 2021
So like... Grab a pan, pour Anxiety in it, also add some depression, suicidal thoughts, fake-depression as well for good measures, add in breakdowns, put it on a dish of memes --
We need a collective name for that right??
So we just write "taty"
It means mofo depression (fake mostly), it's a gender neutral term best explained as "the edgy sadness those 14yr old girls go through after listening to billie eilish". When you're on your taty, you're very likely to gain powers of a karen too (op) . Only way to avoid damage is to be a karen or kyle yourself or be equivalent amount of cringe. Otherwise, chances of survival are as good as running into a 50yr old karen in 7Eleven and making it out alive.
The term "Taty" is most commonly used like this:
Girl : *pats guy 2's back* Hey, are you okay?
Girl : No man, I'm on my taty
Guy : Oh shit- that's sad*quickly pulls his hand away and starts walking away* HaHa- guess I'll see you tomorrow!
Girl : i know it's sad. . Everyone's just been so mean to me. .also you touched me without consent earlier. . That's rape you know.
Guy: *Pretends he didn't listen* MAN! Weather sure is bad! I better get going!
Girl: bye I guess. . *Violently cuts herself after the guy leaves and then blames it on society*
by Heckuva Guy April 2, 2021