1. The anti-James Charles
2. The next T-series
3. The James Charles ender
James Charles career is over because of Tati
by yoloswav May 13, 2019
It means the deep admiration, love and aw you feel for a certain thing or person. If u use the word tati u want to express how amazing,lovingly and special it is.
I tati u: meaning i love u

U tati me?

Omg thats so tati

U are tati, she is tati everyone is tati
by Babyreus November 27, 2021
They are absolutely rude, they usuallly go around snitching for no reason and they don’t love anyone.
I hate that girl, she’s a Tati
by SlaybabiShay January 2, 2023
tati is the name of a girl who’s much more complex then you think. she looks like she has it all; lots of friends, great looks, full of experiences, everyone’s crush(now yes it’s all true) but there’s much more to her. she has such a view on the world, full of anger yet sees the beautiful things more then anyone else can, and so deeply appreciates them. if you see her; you won’t be able to stop looking. when she’s sad you’ll feel sad and ant her to just be happy because she is everything. and despite all her flaws and issues with fear, jealousy or toxicness, leaving her will hurt. her passions for the things she does love triumphs everything she hates, wether it’s art, food, nature, her family, friends. and hugging her makes you feel like your loved and wanted, even in silence.
“i saw a hot girl walking down the hallway earlier, she waved at me and i died”
“man that was probally tati
by sir nicholson May 18, 2022
a person you call beautiful. If you call your crush tati she'll think your bilingual and like you back, your welcome.
Hey girl, I think your absolutely Tati *winks*
Tati is in a big fight with James Charles and is the queen
by Rayne the annoying bitch May 13, 2019
tati is an amazing girl who cares for all her friends and has me in her bio because im cool but not cooler then her. we sre officially linking 🤣🤣‼️
tati<3 is my bff 4life
by khlokhlo <3 June 30, 2021