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Tatyana- is the most caring person you could ever hang out with, she will make you laugh intill you explode,

She is very confident about her self, never afraid to show different colors,she is very smart , wonderful heart in and out!!!

Tatyana also hates when people hate when people have something to say about her behind her back,she loves when people come up to her face to say something

Tatyana also loves to party, and get funky and have lots of friends and people enjoy her being her around!!!
Did you see that girl Tatyana on stage last night??

Tatyana made me laugh my ass off when I was pissed😂😂
by TT_love😂🤘 April 16, 2017
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A girl who is very sassy, smart, outgoing, and most of the time, confident.

She seems strong and bold to those all around, but at home, she's viewed as sensitive.

Family and friends are blind to her real emotions
My name is Tatyana
by ReallyMe March 27, 2015
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One of the most fascinating girls you will ever come across. She is very sassy, bad ass, ruthless, athletic, sexy, gangsta, smart, outgoing, goofy, great sense of style, confident, and beautiful. She has a personality everyone would fall in love with. She's one of the downest bitches you will meet. She'll ride till the wheels fall off. She's definitely someone you don't wanna fuck with because if you do she'll be sure to come after you. She's super friendly but if you get on her bad side she'll make your life HELL. She'll fight or argue if she feels disrespected or attacked. She's strong, bold, and prideful to everyone and don't take no ones shit. She's very strong minded and knows what she wants and what she's capable of.
Tatyana is a crazy ass bitch.
by YouuuuuuuuuuUglllllyyyy March 16, 2017
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A pretty, smart girl who has a very high level of intellect but doesn't like to show it because she doesn't want to seem snobby.
Her innermost darkest secret is hat she's self injerous.
She may brush her feelings to the side in front of other people, but she takes all opinions to heart. If is upse, she will take it out on herself. She wants everyone to be happy, but she puts others before herself in many instances.
by oooooooshaoosh May 10, 2011
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the most beautiful russian i've ever seen in my life. she's funny, smart, and annoyingly cute. if u date her you'll be the happiest person ever
tatyana is beautiful
by skittles4life21 March 17, 2019
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a variant of Tatiana (Russian, Latin). means "The queen of fairies." generally very attractive, nice girl. has a somewhat dark humor; to tickle buttholes.
"thats one hot tatyana"
"would you like me to tatyana you?"
by Albech November 01, 2009
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Also know as thoty'ana

This bitch cant keep her legs closed she is like Wal-Mart open 24-7

Also she hase more users than Facebook. Dis bitch looks like the poles she dances on.
Taty'ana has been with soooooo many guys
by That coo2 May 26, 2018
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