Very much like making out, but used in a childish, overenthusiastic way.

Also used when making out makes one feel too self-conscious; used to lighten the situation.
Oh em gee, like, Bobby and Susie are totally making it out!

Um, so, I really like you. And I really liked when we were, uh, making it out.
by fierce cupcake November 16, 2004
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A phrase black people use whenever a black person/people says/does something ignorant. Black people who live in the hood usually have a goal to “make it out” but because of the ignorance, they will not progress.
Black person: “Vaccine shit is real stupid. How are you giving vaccinations to people who aren’t sick???”
Me (a black person): “We are not making it out the hood.”
by BlasianBaddieBlasianBaddie December 13, 2020
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When your someones song is so ass and you know your not making it out the hood
Nick that song was boof as fuck We not making it out the hood
by Wearing a crown making sounds December 13, 2020
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To go from one topic to another without any sort of coherence.
"Dude, I was talking to your mom yesterday, and I really like bananas."

"Man, you can totally Make Milk out of Clay"
by Incoherence October 28, 2009
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1.used to describe taking a woman out to dinner, a movie, etc. and then making out with her.

2.used to describe hitting a woman/knocking a woman unconscious/killing her while in the middle of a makeout session (or even sex), usually with a knife in the back,karate chop to the back of the neck or a candle stick to the head. Although it rarely is, the expression can be used by both genders. This can be seen in horror movies such as Basic Instinct.
Q: What did you and Karen do last night?
A: I took her to a movie and got some make out take out

(While watching a horror movie)"That guy just pulled a make out take out on that girl!"
by mvwaterboy September 8, 2008
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When two people are within a verbal or physical battle and both parties agree to not only stop fighting, but to make out to forgive each other.
I am sorry... Can we just make up & make out?
by Hivterfall July 20, 2014
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