It's the effect caused by talking to someone while being sad or angry. The effect consists of forcibly changing your emotional state from sad to happy for no apparent logical reason.
I was sad but after talking to you I experienced the Tati effect.
by justarandomguyinlove October 29, 2022
When you go out and drink every strong alcoholic drink straight if not out the bottle to the point that you wake up with no shoes, no memory, no idea of how you got from the bar in down town to the floor of your aunts house, or with a 6in second degree burn on your arm, you're still drunk dialing people at 10am, and you manage to go to church at 11am. If you drink like that you drink like a Natalie Tatie Mier.
Friend-"Fuck dude what happened to your arm!"
Tatie-"Dude I have no fucken idea. Kinda looks like an iron"
Friend-"Your flesh is peeled off and melted! You didn't feel that!?"
Tatie-"Nope. Hell I don't remember how I got in bed".
Friend-"Yea you got Tatied"."I got Tatied last friday".
by Tatiehatesyou July 30, 2011
It originated from a scarecrow in Scotland and is now used to make fun people you don't know the name of. They usually have messy hair, big ears and big noses. It's used a lot of the time in different places in Scotland
by isaacthebadbleep September 9, 2020
When a middle-aged man married for longer than 7 years gets sex two nights in a row. This is as rare as Fernando Tatis hitting two grand slams off of Chan Ho Park in the same inning.

The converse of this is "going Chan Ho".
With his kids spending the weekend at their grandparents' house, John was able to pull a Tatis.
by Longhorn17 January 4, 2010
Future goat of the MLB he may be overrated now but he is a future top 3 player in the league.
Story or tatis? Tatis DUH
Casual MLB fan: Funniest player to watch?
Me: Tatis JR!
by Lakersin4 January 28, 2021
Some slag that James Charles pissed off and she got loads of subscribers from it.
Twat 1: “Oh my god who’s that?”

Twat 2: “Some bitch called Tati Westbrook who got subs by complaining about bummer boy James Charles.”
by Some Plonker May 26, 2019
While performing sexual intercourse, the couple gets into the 69 position with the Male on top, Whilst getting head the Male begins to defecate on the Female. Maximum effectiveness is achieved when having drank and ate taco bell the night before.
Friend 1: I totally hot tati'd that girl i took home last night
Friend 2: *high five*

Friend 1: The moment she looked into my eyes i knew she wanted a hot tati
Friend 2: Now thats true love
by P3ps! November 27, 2009