a smart ass bitch that snached James Charles’ whole fucking career
tati snatched james’ wig
by emmmarayne May 13, 2019
1. The most beautiful thing you can see
2. The most kindest person
3. The most amazing girl around
4. Smartest girl
5. Hottest thing to walk the earth
That girl is so Tati
by TaTiloverI December 31, 2013
One of the best people you will ever meet. She will brighten up your life no matter what. She may get annoyed of you but it never lasts. She can't contain herself when she is around someone she likes.
That girl is amazing, she has to be a Tati
by AssasinNumber4 May 11, 2015
That's some stinky tati you got.
by DANNYBOYHX1 December 12, 2009
Tati is the dog from the movie names Coco.
My dogs name is Tati
by We3ton October 29, 2020