Mlb shortstop, most attractive baseball player, batflips to the moon.
Non-baseball fan: Woah who's that?
Baseball fans: Oh, thats Fernando Tatis jr, the future best shortstop in the game and arguably the most attractive mlb player.
by mlb1030 February 25, 2021
Otherwise known as Unaligned, or to some other folks, talka2mucha. Tati is a strong independent female, firm in her beliefs based off a well known science fiction book known as “The Bible.” Tati has pledged herself abstinent from the Devil’s dirty work of intercourse until finally wedded under the grace of God. With cute ass eyebrows and a friendly disposition, you can find Tati feeling her outfit or searching for her next Omar.
Tati from iFunny: 🙈
by SophieAmiable April 11, 2019
These to are fighting over something true to the heart. Tati has been building a company from the ground up and has been working hard. Then James is a gold digger a that only cares about money. at coachella when James found out that he can make good money from sugar bear hair he throw his friendship with tati ti the dust. he always gets what he wants tati thought he would grow out of it but he did not and now james is using his acting skills to fake care to make up there friendship.
omg they took my money thats a James Charles vs Tati Westrook.
by hsgodyg May 13, 2019
tati is an amazing girl who cares for all her friends and has me in her bio because im cool but not cooler then her. we sre officially linking 🤣🤣‼️
tati<3 is my bff 4life
by khlokhlo <3 June 30, 2021
The fist person to know anything about everything is taty and it is the word you say if you can't think of anything to say.
your so smart as taty, "mom" are the light on "You" uhhh taty
by Penguina82938928 January 17, 2021
most likley to fw the opps
taty fw da opps ong
by Taty,Tatyana November 25, 2020
The most beautiful woman in the whole wide world! She's Helen of Troy... Saying she's incredibly gorgeous is an understatement! She's a Goddess! She's stunning, she's divine, she's mesmeric. She's fucking Aphrodite! She's dripping deliciousness! She's the epitome of desire... She captivates the mind, body and soul. She is the one, she is Mrs. Right... It's inevitable that you'll fall for her.
Taty brings pure joy to my soul and fuzziness to my heart...
by YoungGenna May 13, 2022