to eat a girl out, or go down on her
She gave me some slurp slurp so i figured it was only right to give a lil taste test.
by Andy Work October 24, 2005
A taste test is what a man does before performing oral sex on a woman. Instead of inserting a finger into her vagina and smelling it, the man inserts a finger into her vagina and then puts his finger into her mouth. If the reaction is favorable then proceed as planned. If the reaction is unfavorable then the man may want to consider another form of sexual stimulation.
Dude. I went to taste test Michelle and she started gagging so hard my cock went soft.
by imsquarehead October 28, 2017
The Taste Test is when a female pours red wine over the vaginal area while she is on her period. She then forces you to eat her out while you attempt to decipher the difference between the wine and the blood.
Yo dawg, this girl gave me The Taste Test last night and I could tell she had some heavy flow.
by Brother GUAR March 24, 2020
When a girl gets her girl parts licked after she has taken a shower.
Rick begged his girlfriend for a taste test when she got out of the shower.
by Papa Shango March 22, 2012
A taste test used on a female whenever you can't decide on which hole to stick it in.
Girl: So what hole are you sticking it in tonight?
Guy: Let me use the sweeney taste test and find out.
*moments later*
Guy: Maybe just your mouth, everything else was disgusting
Girl: Come on, I just showered last week....
by sneakydudedictionary December 6, 2019
When a bro is going on a date with a girl who he expects to get oral sex from, he will have one of his bros taste his penis for him to make sure it’s clean for his date. A bro taste test is usually practiced in US college fraternities and mma fight gyms.
Bro1: Hey bro! So I’m going on a date with this girl from work and I’m pretty sure she’s going to blow me. Would you mind giving me a bro taste test?
Bro2: Absolutely! Anything for my favorite bro!

-20 minutes later-
Bro2: Bro, I think you’re good to go.
Bro1: (crying) Thanks bro, you’re the best!
by mart5124 July 15, 2018
To use one's mouth to consume or taste a 'soup' of bodily fluids created in one of the body's cavities during intercourse. To eat out the area (mouth, pussy, or anus) of your partner after making a soup of bodily fluids such as cum, sweat, feces, pea, and blood.
Ty Tass: Oh wow, how did you get six fluids in such a small cavity?
St. Pu Peter: I think its time for me to Taste Test The Soup - mm, that is good. Let me send you some from above, a blessing in disguise will hit you right in between the eyes.
by G.M.H. June 2, 2009