Another name for alcohol. Spwaned from the epic novel by Homer "Nicolas Broulette".
Hand me some Taste Good, Bitch Nizzle.

Gladians can't handle their Taste Good.

Yea, one two one two, hand me some Taste Good.
by Arachnaphobia February 17, 2005
describing a conceited girl, describing something gross, describing anything that tastes good
I was eating out this girl over a park bench and she says tastes good-doesn't it.
(Popping a zit)"tastes good-doesn't it"
(eating pizza with friends "this tastes good-doesnt it?"
also known as:
tastes good
tastes good....tastes real good

by AlisonC September 4, 2006
A way of saying that something didn't taste good and a way of camouflaging an honest answer when people ask if you liked their bad tasting food.
Norwegian: Did you like the Norwegian brown cheese?
Tourist: Well, it taste good in a bad way!
by Chestra May 15, 2009
Good Taste isn't about liking your favorite movies, video games, anime, music or food. Good Taste is about good judgement, good opinions, etc.
Good Taste
by TheKingofGoodTaste May 7, 2021
Girl 1: "Do you watch 'Ghost Whisperer?'"
Girl 2: "No I have good taste."
by glitternipz82 August 19, 2011
Interior decoration of mechanical perfection, lacking all life or connection to its owner. Furniture that you don't dare use, since actual use would destroy the design effect.
My aunt's house was furnished in ghastly good taste. She had plastic slipcovers on all the furniture so that we children wouldn't actually contact the fancy upholstery, and plastic runners on the carpets.
by nurglezone April 17, 2008