Nicolas is a wonderful person, full of love, laughs, smiles, muscles and more. He is great looking and pretty damn amazing. He is super nice, but sometimes thinks low of his self (which is not good) he is an amazing boyfriend, with an amazing personality. He is such a loveable person with eyes and smile that can melt your heart. he always find a way to make you happy. And anyone would be lucky to have him in their life!
I love you Nicolas, your a really great friend and boyfriend. Thank you!
by It's Inevitable June 18, 2017
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Nicolas has a huge cock, and is a fucking god.
Its the legend Nicolas! OMGGGGG
by Nicola$ February 5, 2016
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Nicolas is the best guy in the world. Every chick in the world is in looooove with him. He is athletic, cool, popular, and has an amazing smile. Every time he smiles at you, you can't resists the urge to smile right back. He is smart because he gets good grades. He is skinny because he works out, and he is just plain out awesome.
OMG is that Nicolas!! He is soooooo hot!! 😍
by DemWafflesRYum December 27, 2014
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There is more to him then meets the eye. Has eyes that can make your heart stop. Funny though may over do it sometimes. Understanding, careing, may remind you of a bear. Has gone through alot in life. Can be overly competitive and cocky and abit of a jerk sometimes but has a good heart.
Person 1: He is such a dumbass!
Person 2: Theres more to him then meets

Person 1: what do you mean?
Person 2: Hes a nicolas
by Biggest admirer/ best friend/? January 17, 2010
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The most beautiful, funniest, most amazing person you could ever lay your eyes on if you ever are blessed enough to find somebody with this last name then you are one lucky motherfucker and you should worship that person until your last breath. A person with the last name Nicolas is god like and usually has a radiating glow to them that you can't miss. A Nicolas has the power to change your life forever in whichever way they decide. They are the realist motherfuckers to ever exist and will fuck you up if you cross them. But you wouldn't be able to anyways because they are so smart and awesome they would see it coming because they can read minds and shoot laser beams out of their buttholes.
Nicolas (nik-oh-las) That Nicolas over there is so sexy and smart. I bet they're really successful.
by Shaggyyy July 11, 2018
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Nicolas is a proud swede, nice at times and is quite small (but he'll never confess that, in his opinion he's tall). He can be a bit of a dick but he is good overall. As his role with being a proud swede he believes Sweden is the best and will laugh at people attempting to pronounce ikea furniture names
Person "Nicolas is very small"
Nicolas "I'm actually very tall, taller than you"
by Disappointing brit April 24, 2019
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An italian stallion with a very wide tongue and an elephant sized penis
Nicolas destroyed my body last night with his italian stallion
by SexyBoy1993 July 30, 2009
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